Some opening thoughts from an old dog…

IMG_0459Greetings to all and welcome to “The Crucible”; a melting pot of thoughts, ideas and life observations from a guy with enough experience and playing time in the game to qualify as an expert on the subject.  I’m not willing to divulge numbers here for two reasons: First, it’s none of your business and second, I really suck at anything having to do with numbers – my weapon of choice is pen and voice – not a calculator and slide rule. Suffice it to say that I recall spending hours playing with a Hula Hoop as a kid and also remember when a GPS system consisted of a color display on a paper device obtained at the closest filling (gas) station and “turn-by-turn instructions” came from whoever was riding shotgun in the car with you. But enough about my qualifications.

FAIR WARNING: Opinions and observations voiced here are based solely on my life experience and, as such, will almost certainly not fall under the “politically correct” constraints that currently rein (and reign) in the media and public forums. It’s my life, my findings and lastly and most importantly; my page, therefore this is as close to an apology you will find here for anything that you may feel does not track with your sensibilities or belief system. That is not to say that differing opinions are unwelcome – on the contrary – this is a crucible – let’s throw all the varying ingredients (our thoughts) into the Mortar of this page, grind them all up with the Pestle of our pens (or keyboards, in this case) and see what end product the heated crucible renders…come one, come all – agree or oppose, it makes no difference – we will grind up whatever ingredients you offer and add them to this Mulligan Stew. That being said, to quote Walter White (another guy with tons of life experience):


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