Reality Check….(or a Modest Proposal- with apologies to Jonathan Swift)

IMG_0459  OK, here’s the deal: While our presumptive leaders (I know this term usually refers to aspiring candidates, but, I suddenly find it appallingly fitting for those we have ALREADY elected to guide the nation) persist with a veritable horror show of posturing, grandstanding, brinksmanship and finger-pointing; I believe I have arrived at a somewhat simple solution to the whole mass violence in America problem – which is what, presumably, we are trying to solve. (am I right about that? Because after watching a full week of our so-called leadership behave like a bunch of perfect jackanapes, I’m a bit unclear). So let’s review: This week 50 Americans lost their lives in a horrendous outbreak of mass violence (my thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their respective families) perpetrated by a member of a radical religious group (it’s not fair to mention the name of the religion involved, according to our President). OK, this sort of thing has happened before – the list is too horrific to recount, only this time, the violence was different – this wasn’t some wacko who was pissed off at his boss, co-workers, ex-wives, girlfriend, etc. This was a carefully targeted specific group whose only transgression was that their lifestyle did not meet the standards set forth by the religious group (not) mentioned earlier. BTW, just for perspective; I can’t recall the last time that the Church of Christ or the First Baptist Church gunned down 50 non-believers – maybe I’m just too old – my memory sucks these days. BTW, the same President who won’t let me say the name of the group also has issues with the term “radical” – see the previous sentence for an explanation of why that stand confuses me. Now the politicians and their Political Pablum-fed Followers are wringing their hands once again, trying to come up with some course of action that at least creates the appearance of leadership. The Gun Control Crowd is once again screaming to be heard, while our Presumptive Leaders (I’m getting to like that title), pretend to be representing them. In reality, no one is going to get what they want – The Presumptive Leaders – each side clinging ferociously to their concepts, will make no headway whatsoever towards even a compromise solution. So, here’s the harsh reality: No changes will be wrought from this current round of hand-wringing. Sorry, America; your Reality Check just bounced.

Fortunately, while watching the Bozo Parade in the nation’s capital unfold, I hit upon a gloriously simple solution based on a loop hole in the Second Amendment: The Amendment merely guarantees us the right to bear arms, but it does NOT guarantee the right to purchase ammunition. SO, make the sale of ammunition illegal and everyone is served: The public wins because you can’t have mass shootings without bullets, the Political Pukes (aka, Presumptive Leaders) also win because they don’t have to take away our privilege to purchase and own firearms, and the other side because they don’t have to be the ones not taking action to protect Americans. There may be some economic impact down the road, but, I’m certain our Presumptive Leaders will quickly perceive that issue and take corrective action. Perhaps stockpiling the unused ammo and selling it all to other, less enlightened countries.  Of course, we would only sell the ammo to countries that are friendly to us like Britain and France (well, countries that PRETEND to be friendly to us). Seems like a perfect solution to me, after all, if there aren’t any loaded weapons out there, then no one can go crazy and kill a bunch of innocent people – if only there hadn’t been any ammo in the weapons those hijackers used on 9/11, huh? I’m telling you , folks, this is the answer we need – then our Presumptive Leaders can move on and solve other pressing issues in America like which bathroom to use when I need to pee and all the other issues that they seem to have forgotten about – along with the nation’s press. To wit, the Health Care disaster that is Obamacare, the doubling of the already out-of-control National Debt, record unemployment (94 million out of work) and what to do with the endless stream of Syrian refuges the President is currently welcoming into the country (I’m certain they have all already passed their background checks).

Thanks for reading – here’s an interesting proposal from a gun owner that makes so much sense it hurts – it’s worth a read-through – this guy has the problem NAILED! Thanks for reading my rant – sorry for the extended sabbatical – I needed time to recover from the death of my beloved pet, I’m not ashamed to say.

I Am An AR-15 Owner And I’ve Had Enough

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I'm an old dog with enough time in the game to qualify as an expert commentator. I've been around this block more than a few times, but my eyes remain clear and I call what I see.

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