OK Everybody – let’s all just take a breath…

You know, I feel like I should give credit where credit is due and offer my congratulations to Hillary’s campaign team – they have not only masterfully directed all negative attention away from her but have also managed to redirect most of it at her opponent. It’s not hard to see what is going on if you look at things with clear eyes: For example: Hillary’s campaign is “taking a break” this weekend – sounds like a well-earned breather and understandable at this juncture in the race, right? I say it’s far more than a breather – I say it’s a stroke of political genius and Hillary’s campaign manager should get an award. So, let’s pull the covers back on this latest maneuver and see what’s really going on:

After filling the voting public’s head with allegations and aspersions of sexual misconduct and predatory behavior by her opponent – she remains, as per the norm for her campaign to date, unavailable for comment on the avalanche of ( at best, embarrassing, at worst indicting ) e-mails . That is an escape /disappearing act that would leave Houdini jealous. I mean, you have to admit – it’s sheer genius:

Set off the “sexual predator bomb”, then while safely shielded from public scrutiny, sit back and watch the fun. By the time the dust settles, everyone has spent so much time focused on the alleged (yes, at this point, the so-called attacks are merely allegations, not fact) sexual misconduct, no one will remember to ask about that mountain of e-mails that got released this weekend – most of which prove out, BTW, that during her tenure as Secretary of State; she was “selling time” to the highest bidders, regardless of what quarter the bids were coming from.   Ever notice that in America we believe that ANY suspect is “innocent until proven guilty” but, the longer an allegation lies out there unresolved, the guiltier the accused party seems. So, the end result of the “weekend break” Hillary’s campaign is on is yet another successful evasion of discussing potentially embarrassing or politically dangerous topics in any sort of public forum. While the accusations leveled resound in voters’ heads for 48 straight hours. (don’t forget our “guiltier by the minute” tendencies), Hmmmm, coincidence- what say you?

OK, let’s take a quick peek at the accusations next. No one (or, not me, at least) is disputing that the tapes were real – there’s no escaping that and, Mr. Trump is left on his own to deal with the damage caused by his own, incalculable level of hubris. They were shocking comments, to be sure, and, I am afraid offer a bit of insight into the character of the man making them. Truthfully, we could have all done without that little peek at your backside, Mr. Trump. (BTW, we’ve ALL got one of those –some just try harder than others to make sure they don’t show.)

That being said, it seems that the damages sustained from that little bit of “showing his ass” to the public was not effectively the ‘dagger in the heart’ that the Clinton campaign was hoping for (yes, I said Clinton campaign – who else do you think was responsible for that video surfacing at PRECISELY the right time for a broadside attack? Paul Ryan?) So, to add to the “shock and awe” value of the whole mess, starting Monday of this week’s news cycle, they started trotting out alleged “victims” of the alleged “predatory behavior” so we could all revel in the salacious details and be ever more convinced of what an (alleged) monster Mr. Trump really is.

Once again, great strategy, and it might have even worked. Ms. Clinton, if your chief ally and conspirator (the mainstream media, to be perfectly clear), had only taken a little more time ‘prepping the witnesses’. Everyone was in such a hurry, dashing to the airwaves with the “ever-growing list of victims” that no one seemed to notice that, to a person, each so-called personal account of their ordeals when listened to in toto, all sound suspiciously like a rehashing of the verbiage heard on the released video from last week. I mean, c’mon, even the most incompetent managing editor would have noticed that each alleged victim sounded like they were repeating, almost verbatim the contents of the leaked videotape – ostensibly, giving life to the words spoken on the tape. I found myself wondering: Who is doing the fibbing here? Is Mr. Trump making up a story to impress his friends or are the victims making up stories based on his story? I mean, they should have mentioned him in the credits or, at least, footnoted the references.

DISCLAIMER: (it’s a disclaimer, so you have to read it, eh?):

I need to make clear to you that I do not, in any way, minimize the fact that women are victims of predatory sexual behavior on a daily basis and I do not dismiss, out of hand, ANY woman’s claim to have been victimized. But these women (the number is now up to 9 and climbing and probably will continue to do so until they run out of budget space) all sound like Chatty Kathy dolls to me (say anything and she says it right back to you!)

Once again, I urge you: look at the timing, ,look at what is being said, who is saying it and how and then tell me something doesn’t smell here. Case in point: Tonight after dragging us all through this marsh of muck once again (the first 15 minutes of the nightly newscast – aren’t there floods and storms happening in our country right now?) the news report turned (because they had no choice – it’s all over the Internet) to a report about Hillary’s leaked (and, inappropriate) e-mails. I thought: “Aha! Some equal time devoted to the other party’s foibles” The story opened with a brief and vague reference to the e-mails that were currently under investigation (yes, America, your darling candidate is UNDER INVESTIGATION for possible wrongdoings and racketeering – can anyone say RICO case?), the tide of the report quickly shifted to a rehash of Trump’s references to Russia and how HE is ultimately responsible for causing the leaks!! What? Excuse me? Who put the e-mails out there on a non-secure server where they could be hacked with ease? OMG, I turned off the TV before they started blaming him for the storms across the land – (which got comparatively no coverage after rehashing all of Trumps wrongdoings – I mean it’s only a 30 minute program. Should be an interesting week and 3rd debate!  Remember: Thinking is hard – that’s why so many people judge.

P.S. Anyone who believes they may have been sexually abused by Donald Trump, please contact the Clinton foundation at 1-800-BLL-SHOT or, e-mail us at:


P.P.S. Pssst, there may be a little something in it for you! 😉

Extra credit reading assignments follow:




2 thoughts on “OK Everybody – let’s all just take a breath…”

  1. Sorry, you are missing the main issue here. Don’t look to Hillary as the person who set this in motion, Trump managed that all by himself with his rather disgusting tirade… And sexual predator is exactly the right term here, make no mistake. Locker room talk is usually based on discussion with comments that talk about how attractive someone looks, or with sentences that start with ” I wish”, etc. Locker room comments do NOT center around a person stating that they have a RIGHT to grab women and do whatever they wish to them because they are rich and powerful. That is in fact a predator, someone who believes they have earned the right to abuse women because they “deserve” to do so. And these were not comments by someone young who has not reached maturity, but by someone 60 plus years of age with a son and a daughter. Wonderful.
    Take another listen to Michelle Obama’s comments on the subject, spot on.

    Hillary is by no means perfect, few politicians with decades of service are. But there is no comparison to be made here; Trump is clearly the winner when it comes to the candidate who lacks the basic goodness and integrity we look for from the future leader of our country. He is simply, and egotistical maniac. End of story.


    1. OK, I have a few things:
      1. How is it possible to “miss the point” in my own blog? It’s MY point I am making – it appears that you missed that point.
      2. Throughout the entire discourse, I have not written so much as a syllable in support of, defense of or even mitigating Mr. Trump’s reprehensible behavior – this is not an apology or explanation of why we should all relax and accept his behavior – or even swallow the “locker room talk” defense he has proffered. (You might note I did not even allow that so-called defense to enter into my narrative – you are the one resurrecting it, as if I were ringing that bell myself.
      3. Your mention of “Locker Room talk” and accompanying definition of sexual predators’ behavior are irrelevant in that, I made no reference to the “talk defense” and no mention of uncertainty about the definition of a predator. Sounds like obfuscation to me.
      4. The whole purpose of this statement is to open the eyes of the American Public who have all been drinking the Clinton Cool- Aid (K left out intentionally) for far too long. Make no mistake, the stuff being served up here is just as deadly as the concoction that added the term “drank the Kool Aid” to he American lexicon. (Google ‘Jonestown”, if this reference does not ring a bell for you.)
      5. My purpose and point in this writing is to raise awareness of the machinations and diversions that are implemented on an almost daily basis
      by the massive Clintonian- Media complex. Please re-read the articles referenced in the links I embedded on the page.
      6. BTW, I gave up the idea of looking to the First Lady for guidance or inspiration right after her speech informing us that she is “finally proud to be an American”. This change of heart brought about by the fact we elected her husband to the Presidency. Here, BTW, is a sampling of the First Ladies’ “inspiring leadership”:


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