Here’s the thing……

PROBABLY there is no one thing in our lives, save our religious belief, that is more deeply ingrained and etched into our hearts than are our political standpoints. Nothing evokes more passion and fervor than these two things. So, I get it that people are disappointed at best and broken-hearted at worst over this shocking turn of events. I understand the frustration of the folks who are protesting now and I will defend to the death their right to peaceful protest. – I spent 20 years in the military doing just that.

That being said, I feel the need to make this observation: To what end are you protesting? What outcome would salve your sense of outrage? This was an election – a political process – the outcome must, by definition; produce a winner and a loser.

So, this begs the question: what, exactly, are you protesting? The Electoral College? Is your sense of injustice fueled by the fact that the popular vote did not prevail? While this can be vexing, it is certainly not without precedent: history has delivered four previous benefactors of this process, beginning with John Quincy Adams in 1824 up through George W. Bush in 2000, and once again this past Nov. 8th.   This system might well be replaced, but the process will be a long, and arduous one. Are you protesting, then, the man elected? If so, and, I suspect this is probably the precise case; then, I must pose a few questions of my own: Wasn’t everyone pointing a finger at this man just last week and accusing him of “sabotaging the democratic process” simply because he intimated he might not accept the outcome of the election process at face value? What, then are we to make of protestors toting signs of non-acceptance (Not MY President)? Are they not challenging the foundational pillars our Democratic process stands upon?

If, instead you are protesting the man himself, his ethics, his (admittedly questionable) judgment, then, there is a process for that – it’s called impeachment (a term I’m afraid will very shortly be thrust into the forefront of the American lexicon). This recourse has been utilized on at least three other occasions, beginning with Andrew Jackson in 1868 up through Hillary’s husband.

Sorry to be rambling on like this, but, as I mentioned at the outset, politics and religion are passionate subjects. Speaking of that, can I just say I am appalled that hordes of Hillary’s supporters chose to symbolize their frustration through display of a SWAZTIKAmeglio-furs-swastika-trump-940x540…I mean, REALLY? I remember the outcry over a political ad for Mr. Trump that an artist added an informational star bearing six sides – and, oh how anti-Semitic THAT was, blah, blah, blah… OK, I don’t mean to trivialize anyone’s sensibilities, but, I mean, it strikes me that the folks who are protesting against a person and all that he stands for (and that’s really what the protests are about, I get it) are becoming just as offensive as the object of protest.   So, at what point do we all just STOP; take a look around, see what needs to be done and by God, get it done? Bottom line: the protests are fine, but can produce no tangible benefit. We get to protest in this country any way we see fit and that is one of it’s many blessings, but ongoing protests bearing no foreseeable outcome can only be viewed as nothing more than a temper tantrum because you didn’t get your way. Sorry, folks, that’s just how it looks.  I would like to leave off with a quote that I wish I could take credit for but actually heard at the close of the CBS Evening news the other night which sums things up rather well:  “Will we get the government we want from the next administration?  No telling.  Will we be OK?  No doubt.”

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I'm an old dog with enough time in the game to qualify as an expert commentator. I've been around this block more than a few times, but my eyes remain clear and I call what I see.

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4 thoughts on “Here’s the thing……”

  1. Take a look at our soon to be president. Tally up the incredible amount of insulting, inappropriate, and racially based comments he either tweeted or gave voice to in a rather concerning off handed manner throughout the campaign. Ask yourself this; if you had a child, would this person be a role model for them, or just the opposite.
    People are very concerned, rightfully so, that he is our soon to be leader. Finally, when the KKK is very pleased with this choice, and his now questionable choice of close advisors to boot, again, it points to the concerns that clear headed americans are voicing.


    1. And, of course, the only “clear-headed”, sensible, and effective way to voice those concerns and fears is through the use of racially-charged symbolism? Makes me wonder where the TRUE basis of fear-mongering is located….seems pretty darned hypocritical to me……


  2. I’m still a hippie,( peace love and rock and roll)
    Now I trust that the Lord has and always will allow whom He chooses! It’s his plan! We don’t have to like it! But we think ours are the only thoughts that matter! Might we look at something other than ourselves personally and as far as a country, do you see many others that are doing things better?

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