Life in the Fast Lane (66+)

It’s been quite a while since I have taken the time to update this site. I stopped writing here some time ago simply because……… no one was paying any attention (except my brother, who doesn’t count because well, he’s family and would only read what I wrote so he could argue my viewpoints – we occupy complete opposite poles on the political spectrum). I’m returning today because, as I slip quietly into my dotage, I recognize my need for this outlet as a tool to exercise my creativity, God-given ability for writing, and most importantly, as a hedge against the “Dark Magic” of senility (which I referenced in earlier writings that too few people read). That all said, I apologize for the long-winded introduction and move to the ‘meat and potatoes’ of this session:

The title of this missive is a bit of a misnomer in that, as I rapidly approach the age of 70(!), I understand that the changes in my life/lifestyle/ physicality, etc. are nothing short of profound and life-altering. The title is a a play on words of sorts – remember when the “fast lane” meant you could go 65+, even 70 in some states)? anyway, here I am in that number bracket and find that as I approach the higher numbers of the ‘fast lane’, so to speak, I am edging inexorably towards the right (one of life’s little ironies, I suspect).

So, 66 today and here’s what’s different from the younger, circumspect man who first penned these pages:

~I sleep a LOT less (contrary to popular belief, sleep becomes MORE challenging with age, which is why older folks seem to be tired all the time.)

~I’m a lot less active (still lean, God only knows why) and, because of this, I…

~Read lots and watch a TON of TV (too much, really – but the overall deleterious effect of this on my peace of mind, sanity and blood pressure leaves me with…..

~ Lots of time to think and ponder the state of the world today, which leads to:

~ less sleep for me AND:

~a constant yearning to “speak my mind” – essentially rail against what I perceive to be the true injustices of society today (and, perhaps, lower my spiking blood pressure in the process).

Our country has also undergone some growing pains as well; here’s a meme I believe sums it up nicely:

So, off I go: Here is a rant that will be unapologetic in my political leanings and religious beliefs – topics I attempted to skirt or merely hinted at when I first entered this endeavor. Most of what is written here I will attempt to garnish with photos or memes to illustrate my point because, it’s easier for you to read (your time IS valuable and I am a long-winded old codger, I know) and because prolonged, cogent typing and writing has become something of a monumental challenge for me these days.

Sick of being berated by alleged friends and censored by pretend “open forums” (Social Media is the culprit here – you guessed it – give the man/lady/non-binary-gender thing a See-Gar!). I want to state a couple of opinions and outlooks that I don’t post on public forums for all the above reasons. (i.e, my friends wouldn’t understand and the “unbiased platforms” won’t allow me to speak them)

  1. As I age and my total time on Earth increases, I realize that all the years I have put behind me, while teaching me much and pleasing me greatly, conspire also to bring me that much closer to the end of the line, so to speak. It’s a trade-off, but, hey it’s how life works! It is said the nearer you come to meeting The Lord, the more respectful of Him you grow and more reflective of your life and past behavior you are) – OK, maybe I’M the only one who said it, not others, but, hey, I say wise and smart stuff, right? It’s why you read my ramblings! This is probably why it is said that, as the Titanic slowly slipped into the icy depths of the North Atlantic, the ship’s orchestra assembled on deck and played the hymn “Nearer My God to Thee” as all left aboard faced their doom. Perhaps this tale is folklore, but, I’d like to believe it to be so and illustrate the point with this offering:

2. I for one, am SICK and tired of being told, and/or forced to accept as ‘truth’ the fact that America is a flawed and racist nation simply because of the errors our nation has been guilty of in the past – the reality is, we have learned from our mistakes and for the most part, moved on to become a better nation and people for them. Removing flags, tearing down statues, and renaming things and places in an attempt to erase or rewrite history will only serve to ensure that we REPEAT our mistakes, not avoid them! Like it or not, The Civil War, Confederate names, flags and the military leaders associated with them represent a CRUCIAL part of our tempering and quickening as a nation and forever SHOULD be a part of our history, not to be forgotten, but rather entered into the the sum of our experience and collective wisdom as a people. Part of our ‘corporate memory’, to coin a popular phrase. Those who forget the past ARE doomed to repeat it! (someone much smarter than myself said THAT one). Are there still ‘bad actors’ out there who hold on to the wrongful thinking and attitudes of our past? To be sure, but overall, this nation remains the greatest on the earth as evidenced by the number of people who are willing to abandon their native homes and lives in order to come here and be part of the “American Dream”. A dream that I see threatened with each passing day as our country heads down a dangerous path with a predictable outcome – sorry for the dated meme here, but it serves…….

3. I worry greatly for the fate of that dream that so many seek, in the face of the current movement towards political correctness, and it’s attendant ubiquitous need to apologize for our inherent ‘wrongness’ and the ever-present pressure from the so-called woke crowd to reject every bit of our American heritage as recompense for wrongdoing that few of us in our generation have ever been part of or party to – here’s where I stand on this count: To wit:

So, therein lies today’s “rant’- having said my piece and glad of no longer having to bite my creative tongue, I will close simply by thanking you for your time and attention – especially if you do not share my viewpoints – KUDOS to you for sticking with it! (and, for having FAR more courage than most of your compatriots) .

All that said, one last pic to sum up where I stand: (in the right lane, probably blocking traffic), these days:

P.S. I don’t actually own guns, but, given the hand basket we are all in nowadays (we all know where THOSE go), I may HAVE to soon, sadly!

Final word: Sorry, not sorry!

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I'm an old dog with enough time in the game to qualify as an expert commentator. I've been around this block more than a few times, but my eyes remain clear and I call what I see.

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4 thoughts on “Life in the Fast Lane (66+)”

  1. Things are crazy! Life is very different and hopefully will not get too bad before we are out of here.
    God is in charge and He knows what our nations fate is. Repentance is what needs to occur for this country.
    Lord, please help us!

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  2. I tried to comment but the system says I don’t exist. Gee…maybe I don’t lol. I am so glad you returned to your writing. It is very thought provoking, sincere and honest. I lean in the same direction on many of your points but do not have the gift for writing at least in this arena. Please keep it up…you do matter as do your rantings to many
    who may not necessarily have the courage to admit.

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