The TRUTH???(hurts, huh?)

Well, with the DNC in full swing, I hardly know which way to turn to come up with something relevant to post here each day – and, unfortunately, endless stream of lies, propaganda, misleading statements/narratives and outright false narrative flowing from this “confluence of confounders” has forced me to delay altering the subject matter of these missives for a few days, in order to keep everybody on the up and up, and, initially, I thought that a couple of quick entries under the topic of “KAMALIES” would be sufficient.  However, there seems no end to the Parade of Prestidigitators they DNC is producing (and, make no mistake, that’s exactly what they are trying to pull off here – some quick, sleight-of-hand maneuvers to distract us from the real issues and realities of the day)!  So… they opened with Kamala (whom I have already addressed), then they trotted out former President Clinton (as if Slick Willie still holds any credence with the American Public) then former First Lady Michelle Obama and are planning to trot out the former President himself, tomorrow!  Folks, need I remind everyone just how badly and often this cast of characters has lied to and mislead the American public?  It’s insulting to us that they are so convinced they can trade on the past celebrity of these jokers that we, as a people forget the wrongs, they have done us over the years and gullibly buy into the false narrative they are selling… Here’s a quick “refresher course” in case your memory is as short as they hope it is……Let’s review this scintillating cast of “Keynote speakers” whose word we are to accept as gospel, shall we?……….




AND, because I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before they turn to the Liar in Chief, I’m including:


OK, folks, that’s it – THESE are the characters – the “rogue’s gallery, if you will they are parading across the stage day, after day in a vain attempt to help us “get a new vision and  seek a new direction one that, purportedly will lead us to THIS “Paradise”?  

(Democrat-Controlled Portland, – post, ‘Peaceful Protest

So, why all the lying, subterfuge and deception?  It’s simple – it’s the only hope they have of taking down the greatest President and Administration this country has seen in YEARS!  And make no mistake, they fear him – here’s why:

Poor things – it’s all they’ve got, really……

So…. we get this crap – fostered by MSM outlets, like:

 At least by now, (I hope). we are getting wise to the scam….and, the REAL agenda…….

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