True Confessions (or, getting to know you)

OK, here I am, once again at my trusty keyboard to share some thoughts/observations that, INMHO, need to be disseminated.  When I first started this venture, I mentioned that I did so as a hedge against encroaching senility and a desperate attempt to maintain a sense of import and relevance as I rapidly age into insignificance. However, today I find myself adding to these pages more out of a sense of urgency to tell and share the TRUTH with however many of you are willing to give me the the time needed to read these missives as a barrier against the never-ending stream of lies, misconceptions and flat-out untruths we are being fed by the MSM, social networking platforms and any other forum that currently has the public ear.

Let me begin with a bit of a confession/disclosure, if you will:   I frequently post my thoughts/opinions and beliefs on this forum and social media, as well (until such a time as I am banned from the latter for stating the former) and in so doing, I am hopeful I do not come off as judgmental, preachy, or considering myself “better than thou” in any fashion. So, in order to ensure that is not the case, I will share a couple of disclosures here by way of clarification and proof that, like you, I am only human and subject to ALL the faults, foibles and folly of the species.  Some of these are items that rightfully should be between and My Lord only, but this is an honest effort to disclose who I am and, it is what it is, so here goes: 

I portray and proclaim myself a Christian, and I am – HOWEVER:

~ I Swear like a drunken sailor on shore leave (a holdover from a 20-year military career – no excuse, I know) – those of you who work with me know this to be true!

~ I am lazy to a fault – (a product of being old, retired (voluntarily) from my full-time work, and involuntarily from my part-time job) – forcing myself to write these entries is always a struggle – I’d rather veg in front of the TV with my dog, Zeus  and while away my waning hours…..

~  Despite my advanced age- (a matter of opinion, I understand), I am constantly obsessed with sexual thoughts, feelings and desires I have no business with at my age – a throwback to the times when I could turn the head of (and have my way with) any lady I set my sights on – still haven’t un-learned that behavior pattern, sorry.  This is probably evident in my social media posts, as well…

~ I’m not ALWAYS right, and I have my bias and prejudices most of which, I’m sorry to say only grow more pronounced as time passes. and I sometimes leap to conclusions (which I will defend with vigor, because I am nothing if not passionate in ALL I say and do)  Those of you who know me personally also know this to be true..

Alright, that’s it for the “Mea Culpa” portion of this narrative – here is a refresher of the good things I believe have to offer:

Once upon a time, when I was young, dumb and full of ……. myself, to clean up and paraphrase a popular off-color aphorism,  I was blessed with a better-than–average singing voice, musical abilities and stage presence.  I no longer possess any of these God-given gifts (I do NOT take any credit for them), but am left, instead with my wit, vocabulary (already becoming endangered, BTW), and writing skills.  I turn to these (also God-given) gifts to share with you what I believe to be the truth that is currently being fiercely denied the public as part of an ongoing, blatantly obvious conspiracy by radical Left-wingers, aided by their allies in the Mainstream and Social Media. However, in the interest of “fair and balanced reporting” – a concept long ago voided in the American information stream, I should tell you all that THESE are the things I stand for and believe with all my heart (and will probably color all my opinions and outlooks): 

  1.  I believe in the Lord, my God, and strive to serve Him in all things – although in reality, I fail miserably in most
  2. After my God, I am first, and foremost, a Patriot, who believes in my Country and all that it stands for AND the history and principles it was founded on – despite never-ending pressure from peers, social media, etc., to the contrary today 
  3. I will ALWAYS stand for America first – no matter what my so-called ‘woke’ compatriots try to tell(and, sell) me – no  one is more “awake” than me, BTW – I gave 20 years of my life to defend  my country and once went to war, putting my life on the line for it – don’t you DARE tell me I don’t know what is going on!!   YOU, I submit, are the ones who are asleep – walking around in a zombie-like trance, believing whatever liberal, leftist garbage you’re handed by the Democrats and Media, then forcing those beliefs on everyone else with an intolerance level that smacks of the very Fascist tactics you are so fond of ascribing to anyone who dares to hold an opposing viewpoint!
  4. I WILL NOT be swayed from these core beliefs and values despite the cost to me and in spite of popular opinion and viewpoints – these things will always be at the nexus of my thinking and philosophies – so, this is who I am and what you can expect when you read my writings – I thank you for the platform and welcome your input- even differing ones – unlike my “woke” compatriots!

A few illustrations of where I stand – after all, this IS a Blog and there should be pictures, eh?

These images are charged (perhaps to the point of being incendiary), but they pretty much state clearly were I stand and who I am – just so you know what to expect when you read my writings. Thanks, and God Bless! (yes, I still say that, too)

ALSO, on a less volatile (I hope) note – I LOVE music, all things musical and all God’s creatures, great and small – and  you will always see these values reflected in my writings/offerings! Things such as:

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