Same old song and (d*ck) dance…….

Here we go again………weeks after the country is just finally beginning to settle down more or less, in the wake of the George Floyd killing(?), yet another police shooting has stirred up cries of “systemic racism”, social inequality/injustice and the attendant civil unrest that goes with the narrative.  I use the word ‘narrative’  (AND, the question mark after the word ‘killing’) to make a salient point here:  A narrative – unlike an actual telling (of the real-life, variety, that is SUPPOSED to inform stories presented to us on our daily newsfeeds and broadcasts) is just that – – a story – a made-up tale, designed purely for the purpose of entertainment, amusement or, in a more sordid application, the fomenting of a particular line of thought that propagators of hope to instill upon the listener. Please note, for the purpose of this writing I will only use the term in that context, going forward.  Sadly, we have been and are still, too often victims (targets, is perhaps a better term?) of the latter usage of that word and the purpose of today’s missive is to return things to as a more truth -based version of events… a quick reminder from someone MUCH wiser than myself is in order here:

  I’ll kick this off withA little recap of history by way of clarification of some after the fact revelations:  Not long ago, the nation, and, indeed the world was outraged after witnessing the clear  and undeniable “murder” of a black person, George Floyd, at the hands of an obviously ‘racist’ Minnesota Policeman.  The national news media ran wild with the story – fueled solely by a few seconds of grainy video that apparently showed Mr. Floyd being suffocated to death by the officer.  Media went crazy, running story after story about “widespread racism and intolerance for minorities” that was apparently rampant and systemic in our “Fascist Police Forces” throughout the country.  We bought this ‘narrative’ lock, stock and barrel, ultimately resulting in the termination of the officer involved, and widespread civil unrest that has left our nation scarred and rocked to its very core today.  This all seemed justified, if not understandable at the time, given the indisputable ‘evidence’ presented to us by our journalistic guardians in the MSM, and echoed by their puppet masters and controlling Overlords (the Democratic Party and their associated Leftist entities).    But……it seems that the “narrative” they sold us wasn’t exactly what transpired!!  How can this be?  Isn’t the MSM charged with presenting “the news” in an unbiased and fair fashion, unaltered by outside influence, political pressure or current public opinion?  This ostensibly, is the very definition of the word journalism and anything outside of that is derisively labeled “yellow journalism” – at least it was when I was in school!  Truth is that George Floyd actually died of a Fentanyl overdose – an illegal drug that should have been nowhere near the proximity of a convicted felon, let alone in his system in fatal quantities) To wit:

Huh!  So, why then the rush in the media and all other public forums to ascribe his alleged ‘murder’ to the actions of  an ill-intentioned Police Officer?  And, also why hasn’t the true version of events been widely disseminated, – broadly declared as a “correction or retraction by the same MSM and Social Media vehicles that so ubiquitously broadcast the original, incorrect version of events?  I have a theory, on that, which I will address another day, but suffice it to say that at this juncture, you SHOULD be at least asking yourself that very question!

Let’s fast forward, to today, a week or so down the line from these events:  Now, once again in Kenosha, WI, a police shooting has sparked outrage over video footage that, as in the case of Mr. Floyd, does not tell the whole story, but apparently supports the “narrative” and so predictably, the MSM and entire nation is hopping on board the “systemic racism” train one more time.  There are fresh riots/destruction in the streets (ludicrously referred to as ‘peaceful protests’, by those pushing the “narrative”.  An individual, Jacob Blake, had been stopped by police pursuant to an investigation about a domestic violence incident involving the ‘victim’   here is an official account of what transpired:

HOWEVER, this is NOT the story being relayed to us – instead we are once again hearing the same old clarion call/drivel about our “systemically racist” society and policing system and the urgent need to “clean up our act” and set things to rights.  Oh Please!  Let me say a few words about that here, but I only do so with this stern 


Reading beyond this point could lead to seeing a side of things that does not fit with the current “narrative” AND, 

Has been known to produce independent thinking, in rare cases

So, proceed at your own risk:

I begin by stating that what we witnessed happening to Mr. Floyd was unequivocally wrong, uncalled for and represented nothing short of harm perpetrated on another, by a person with evil intent at heart.  This is indicative of our flawed human condition and nature, not a systemically racist society, institution or nation! We are all subject to these failings, even public (and heroic) public servants like Police Officers – it’s the human condition and occurs in a variety of scenarios in an equally wide variety of locations on a daily basis.  

It’s also worth noting that in each case discussed above (Mr. Floyd and Mr. Baker’s), the alleged victims were people who were clearly acting outside the constraints of our rule of law at the time, thus predicating the encounter with Law Enforcement, and both exacerbated a bad situation by willfully failing to comply with Police Officer’s directives and, in fact, exhibiting behavior that could only be interpreted as threatening, thus eliciting a response from officers (who at the end of the day, are only people with families to feed  sand protect, like the rest of us) of a defensive nature.  In the case of Mr. Baker – who was tased (NON-lethally) no less than THREE times, and continued to struggle with police, ultimately grabbing for and wielding a knife,  So, in the end, the officers took actions that were intended mainly to:

~Survive another shift and return safely home to their families   AND:

~remove a potential threat to our public safety and welfare from the streets,

NOT, as the “narrative” would have us believe, to “propagate racism and intolerance” in America. An illustration to amplify this currently unpopular, yet very pragmatic idea:

I offer this maxim I heard uttered by a fairly wise gentleman this week (I apologize, I cannot name who – my memory, like my other skillsets, is rapidly becoming an endangered species).

“what we need in society today is not so much gun control as punk control”.

I leave you with this not-so-popular thought and urge you to consider that the men and women who we are currently engaged in such a concerted, TRULY ‘systemic” effort to vilify as enemies of freedom, stand daily as the “Thin Blue Line” between chaos, harm and disorder and you and your families.  If you think I am merely parroting some “party line” here – consider these hard, actual statistics and ask yourself:  would YOU be willing to strap it on each day and take these risks in the interest of society and your fellow man’s well-being?

 ~759 Police officers injured and, or killed to date in the wake of the civil unrest (AKA, ‘peaceful protests) following the George Floyd shooting

And hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage inflicted on neighborhoods populated by the very people who are supposedly being oppressed by the ‘privileged’ majority….

It’s time to get a grip on reality, stop listening to the claptrap we are being fed by the radical Left and their so-called advocates like Race Grievance Profiteer Al Sharpton, etc. And think for OURSELVES once again – the balance of power and the very fate of this nation lies in the balance, folks – it’s wake-up time!! Yes, it’s true most of what I share here is my perception of reality – you may well hold a different one, but be assured my positions are based on personal research and fact-checking – not the sum total and regurgitation of the drivel spoon- fed to me by media sycophants or passed on by social media buddies who haven’t researched or thought ANYTHING through for themselves since their last last trip to the bathroom… believe what you choose, it’s your right. but please be aware:

Next Time: Who is responsible for this ongoing hoax and “narrative” and, why?

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