What’s going on? (or WTF is the truth, anyway?)

For all you self-righteous prigs out there (you know who you are) that are currently frothing at the mouth, chomping at the bit, clamoring to condemn, vilify and, of course, (your secret dream since LOSING in 2016, despite the  overarching efforts of your allies in the MSM and Social Media  against him),  to disqualify the President for minimizing (lying to us, in your wild-eyed, zealot parlance) about the initial severity of the Coronavirus.  I would offer these observations by way of moderation and, despite the fact I know it will do no good whatsoever, in mitigation of what is currently being touted as “his greatest sin against the American People”

FIRST OFF::  We would all do well to remember that The President WILLINGLY divulged this “Shocking revelation” to a JOURNALIST who was in the process of writing a BOOK about him – a journalist who, BTW has a reputation in trade for being the fiercest critic of public figures to make news in this era (think Watergate, etc.) – say what you will about Donald Trump – whatever your criticisms of him may be  – surely they can’t include him beings big a fool as to not realize his admission would see the light of day in the form of an unflattering publication.   If you believe THAT, then you are surely just as helpless and unthinking of a sycophant/automaton the Democratic Party and their all-too-willing compatriots in the MSM HOPE you are!  Take umbrage with that characterization?  You ought to – but the Democrats, aided by their usual  suspects (I won’t beleaguer the point) are playing to this exact audience and, despite their claims to be the “party of change and free thinking” want to dictate to you and I PRECISELY how we should think about and view EVERY SINGLE thing that takes place in the world today – there is no room for ANY other interpretation than THEIRS!! Any position or even hint of thoughts to the contrary will inevitably result in your being labeled with the much-feared clarion call of the New Party of Intolerance (My new, much more accurate term for what was once the Party of The People).  We should as Americans, Free citizens and independent thinkers, reject this notion out of hand on it’s very premise and there once was a time when this was the case (remember how Killary cost herself a veritable coronation handed to her by the Lamestream Media by referring to all free thinkers as “a Basket of Deplorables”?)  We refused then to buy into the “narrative” (we’ve already talked about THAT word, remember?), resulting in a year-long reaction of disbelief and never-ending cries of “foul” that have not since diminished and, in fact have morphed into a constant stream of ill-fated attempts to discredit, embarrass and, ultimately unseat the  TRUE winner of that election.

SECONDLY:  Ask yourself if, at a time when we were confronted with the invasion of a novel (meaning heretofore UNKOWN) virus pandemic that was threatening to shake the very foundations of our medical and social establishments, would it have been wise to go with “total candor” about the efficacy and virulence of a virus we still hadn’t learned enough about to effectively combat?  During  my many years of military service I recall many a commanding officer/leader telling me in no uncertain terms; “Don’t come to me with a problem unless you are also bring a proposed solution”  So, unless you subscribe to the liberal-Media bias of a “willing deception” I personally believe the President made a sound and wise choice in opting to mitigate a public panic that was already well underway at the time (remember when it became nigh impossible to purchase water, cleaning supplies, and basic protective gear like gloves? Let alone PPE such as N95 masks?

AND, FINALLY: Ask yourself if the timing of these “Shocking revelations” isn’t just a LITTLE too convenient for a party that sees it’s slim lead in the polls shrinking on a daily basis and, despite years of fruitless investigations, inquests, inquests,inferences and wasting of millions of taxpayer dollars and time, are powerless to interfere (forget the Russians) in the reelection of a man that has done NOTHING over the last four years except : Keep his promises to the American Public and voters (when not stymied or opposed by the powers that inexplicably, are still in control), advance America to the foremost position in the world in the arenas of energy production, peace-brokering, and Civil Rights advancement and military might.  Couple this with the also-recent “revelation” of his alleged “Disrespect” for the American military establishment – another laughably transparent fabrication that is still willingly and vigorously touted by the Media Mob, and it becomes apparent that the manipulators of our thoughts and choices are hard at work once gain attempting to stealing an election and impose THEIR will on the American public – they aren’t interested in serving your needs/desires – only in preserving and maintaining their death-grip on power and America  Don’t let them get away with it!  Take BACK your thoughts and country and send these charlatans home, where they belong….Here are few extras for you think on…..

AND, they are now trying to waste
MORE of our money!!
Anyone remember this?
Just sayin’……..

Well, that about sums it up, folks if you can read all this, view these images and STILL be ready to listen when Kamaliar Harris suggests “we probably shouldn’t trust a vaccine that becomes available before the election” or that Lyin’, Hidin’, now Backpedalin’ Biden now suddenly has answers and action plans for all the problems today he ignored and left unaddressed in his previous 40 years of public service, – then perhaps I could interest you in the perpetual motion machine I’ve designed – or a sweet deal on a bridge in NYC? Hey, America is the Land of Opportunity right? And there’s a sucker born every minute, so they say……

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