The year 2016 and America was once again about to make history:  after rewriting the books just eight years prior by electing America’s first-ever African-American President, on the wings of “Hope and Change”; we were o again poised to shock the world by electing the first- ever female President.  You remember the narrative ; we were going to elevate ourselves once again as the enlightened, truly progressive country we were! The public bought wholly into the narrative, aided, as always by the ever-eager MSM who fairly announced the Coronation of President Clinton.  (sorry for the repeat illustration here, but it’s just too fitting to ignore – and you WILL recall the furor, I’m sure). 

 All this despite the fact that after eight long years of the “Hope and Change” experiment, the country instead simply found itself hoping for a change! As it happened, the country DID indeed shock the world once again by NOT following the expected course, voting instead for True Change.  America decided (if by the slimmest of margins, granted) it had enough of the status quo and elected instead an outsider – a “Washington Wannabe” an (admittedly) surly, outspoken businessman who did not offer us tried and true political bromides and the “all-sides-are-OK-with-me” doublespeak political pablum of the Washington insider, but instead ran on an unabashed, straight-talk platform rooted in common sense and a clear goal of putting “America First”.  

This message and approach resonated with Americans, but so horrified and frightened the Establishment that he was soon attacked and vilified as a “Racist, Bigot, War-Monger, Misogynist, Friend to the Rich and virtually every other scary label the Left automatically applies to every single person or entity they fear.  Secure in the assurance that this all-out attack on the Enemy would prevail, the Left (and their compatriots in the Media Mob had all but pronounced the New President Clinton when something went horribly wrong: America went to the polls and voiced their will. This unexpected turn of event so irked the Mainstream Media (and the masses they had duped), there was an immediate public outcry – something along the lines of :

The public, aided by the Media, simply refused to accept the outcome of a lawful election – this could not be – the script was wrong – hijacked, somehow. Therein ensued a three-year-long ordeal of systematically trying to unseat/discredit or otherwise undo the unanticipated results.

These efforts continue to this day – sponsored, and funded by the (defeated) Democratic Party (yes, I’ll go ahead and make the assertion – the proof will soon be revealed to America) as always, proffered, propelled and forced upon us by the MSM. Here’s an interesting article in support of the claim that clearly shows the Media attempts to keep ANY information from hitting the public eye that would support the claims made by The President (and, of course, vehemently denied and contradicted by the opposition):

The TRUE origin of the COVID virus is just one single issue that has been distorted, manipulated and politicized so flagrantly. The list is myriad – so long, in fact, that it will be the sole topic of another BLOG entry entirely, but for the nonce, suffice it to mention at least one germane tidbits towards the argument – I’ll save the preponderance of evidence for next week:

~isn’t it interesting that, whenever the “fair and balanced ” media asks questions of Candidate Biden, they ONLY ever ask questions about the President? (i.e. ‘what do you think about President Trump’s……….), clearly feedings him into his scripted response (which he still struggles with, BTW) but the questions lobbed in the President’s direction almost always resemble a full-on assault? It has become so obvious as to be laughable – even Politico – a famously anti-Trump publication was forced to observe ” the recent TownHall meeting held by Joe Biden was like an affable reunion of old friends” as opposed to the ‘icy grilling’ the President received at the hands of ABC and Stephanoploulos” – CNN, also no fans of the President, could only offer the statement that “While Biden often exaggerated the facts, his assertion of facts has been largely factual” REALLY? are we giving awards for stating factual FACTS? This is an actual quote from CNN, folks – the deception and chicanery is so visual it’s almost comical, yet it continues, non-stop with the peristancy and tenacity of an undead cockroach!

I close with this observation:

And a reminder:

God bless you for reading and God bless America (again!) see you all next week!

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