Disaster Report: or what the the hell has happened, here?

Sunday; or “Truth Day as I have taken to calling it these days since it’s the day I take pen in hand (or, more accurately, digits to keyboard) and lay The Truth out for the world to see (although, I fear the actual target audience is considerably smaller than that lofty aspiration) you see..…people aren’t interested in reading lengthy missives or long, drawn-out explanations of what is going on (however critical the outcome of being misinformed might be), everyone wants quick, easy-to- digest tidbits of information with which they can make critical, life-altering (if under-informed) decisions.  My conceit has been that, by providing well- crafted, clever and thoughtful (IMHO), narratives each week, I could help the decision-making process along the way. However, the reality, to Quote Carl Jung, is: “Thinking is difficult – that’s why most people judge”  

So, with this  realization in mind, I will spare you the wordy treatise and simply resort to America’s preferred method of information transmission today – the Meme:  
America’s second most popular method of erudition, the ever-popular sound bite, will be in copious supply, no doubt, with the upcoming Debates scheduled to begin this week. So, what follows will be something of a “multitude of memes” with some minor verbiage to elucidate the general gist of the topics (you have to do a LITTLE reading, sorry)

Here goes:

I’ll open with a brief review of some of the lies we have been told (and sold) over the past few months that have helped put us in the current dilemma we find ourselves – as promised, I’ll keep the words to a minimum and let the pictures (memes) do the talking):



OK, Point made here, methinks – I’ll add these two thoughts and move on:

NOW: on to what has become (what’s the outcome) of all these lies we’ve been told/sold?

Just a reminder, for perspective…
A Quick Summary

Two reminders of where we have been and are likely headed close out this section:

So, if like myself, this picture accurately sums up your reaction to the events of the last several decades:

I would remind you of a famous phrase from Tolkien’s brilliant Ring Trilogy:

“A day may come when the courage of men fails. When we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship, but it is not this day; An hour of wolves and shattered shields when the age of men comes crossing down, but it is not THIS day; THIS day – We FIGHT!!!”

And a bit more passing wisdom from that memorable work regarding the task before us:

SO….what I am undoubtedly saying and urging here is that there is a terrible battle looming before us – but one we can scarcely afford to shirk or lose – we are fighting for the very soul and heart of our nation and country; a battle succinctly defined here:

The rewards? a return to the nation that we all grew up in and remember – a nation where the value reflected in the following picture reigned supreme and represented our beliefs and values as a society – remember these days, folks?

And, when our society defined a “hero” as a person like THIS?

Well, I certainly do – it’s the America I was born, raised, trained and reared in and it’s the land I love and fought to defend – I’m NOT ashamed of that – I REFUSE to buy the Anti-American, Leftist “systemic racist, capitalist-controlled and oppressed society” garbage rhetoric that is being force – fed to me on a daily basis – I stand proudly with the PATRIOTS in defense of our great nation – the Greatest Nation on Earth, dammit – and I will fight to the death for my right to say and do so – and I urge you all to stand with me/us!

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