Dem Bastards

(Excuse me, I meant to type: the Party of Hope, Change, Renewal and Inclusion, sorry – damned auto-correct!!)

OK, now that we’ve explained THAT little mishap I’ll go on to say, despite what they say on TV – (scripted responses designed to please the majority of people without openly revealing their evil intent), we ALL know the Democratic majority are secretly dancing a jig of joy over the news that SOMETHING has finally slowed the juggernaut of success standing in the way of their Leftist, Anti-American agenda (yes, that’s JUST what it is, no matter how they paint it with their deceptive, equality for-all-equal-footing-in-the-slanted-system camouflage – the only thing inherently unfair in the system that has created the greatest country the world has ever seen (look this up, FB Fact-Wreckers – it’s in the history books – if the Cancel Culture hasn’t already gotten it stuck from the record, that is) is the fact that the DAMN-O-Crats aren’t the ones in charge!!  I named this document, appropriately enough “DemBastards” so it should be easy to find when they come to confiscate my computer – which is probably only days away, given the direction we are headed today.  Anyway, I digress (as I am wont to do, I realize) here’s the point of this missive:

To all you sick bastards who are happy to see that the President has contracted the virus that was brought to this country by your buddies in the evil, Communist Chinese regime (there, I said it, yes, it’s indeed the CHINA- virus!); I say to you, aside from the fact you should be ashamed of yourselves (for reasons I won’t bother to explain because it will totally escape you, anyway), prepare to have your little “October Surprise” blow up in your faces!  Yes, I know how it’s supposed to play:  

“Bad Orange Man gets sick from virus he mocks”

Please imagine that the bird is Orange

And, your most fervent of hopes – that “Bad Orange Man” is finally slowed down in his unstoppable, overwhelmingly successful (despite what your rigged, corrupt and Party-controlled polls show) march to a second term,

BUT what is most likely to happen is this scenario instead:

Bad Orange Man recovers from horrible, “deadly virus” and returns triumphantly,  having shown himself for the winning, fighting warrior he is and steps to the forefront again, just in time to relish his resounding victory at the polls – despite ALL your underhanded, crooked and sneaky efforts to undermine his Presidency, efforts to advance this country and its interests worldwide and the welfare of the American people. 

Bad Orange Man has no manners!

 Incidentally, the word ‘welfare’ in this scenario does NOT involve the handouts that your party shamelessly use to control and exploit a class of people that mean little more to your party and its controlling members than a passing ant on a busy sidewalk.  No, THIS concept, held by the Evil Orange Man (and, BTW, still  the majority of the  American public) refers to an equal and level playing field for ALL Americans – where decent, hard-working citizens (a favorite rallying cry of the radical Left, I know) have a  chance to earn an honest living in a society not handcuffed and hampered by draconian, ever present unnecessary Government regulation and oversight. We built the Greatest Nation WITHOUT your help just fine, thank you, now butt out, get out of the way, and let us rebuild the economy you have successfully hobbled in your pathetic and laughably transparent efforts to stop the Orange Man!!  Sorry, got off on a little side rant, there. But can’t help it – this is SO important to our nation, way of life and our LIVES, America – PLEASE WAKE UP, America and stop eating the Political Pablum the Democrats and Media Mob are feeding you, then washing it down with a big drink of the Liberal Kool-Aid of Gullibility!   The truth IS out there, and it’s plain to see – open your eyes – don’t believe the Democrat-owned Media Liars – do some research, think for yourselves – then – get out there to the polls (they will be just as safe as any  liberal-sponsored “Peaceful Protest”) and VOTE your country back into existence in 30 days – it’s absolutely CRITICAL we are on our last legs as a nation – the time for action is now – RIGHT NOW!!

Closing thoughts……

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