OMG!!!!! We’re all gonna DIE!!

(Or, unmasking the COVID crisis)

I know this comes as heresy to most of you out here because since it’s arrival here (from the shores of CHINA, yes), the Coronavirus epidemic (now PANdemic, thank you very much, China) has seemingly spread with the ferocity of wildfire in a Southern CA Summer season. (ALL of which are caused by climate change. we now know). Since this virus has reached our shores, we have been inundated with an endless stream of information, guidance and daily statistics, showing us the nature and scope of this “deadly disease”. Why the quotes? Well, to be sure it’s a serious illness and has no doubt been the cause of many deaths here in the U.S, and worldwide but, lost in the endless stream of bad news about the epidemic has been a LOT of GOOD news – none of which ever seems to make it into the almost stream-of-consciousness flow of information we receive about it.

Yes, there IS good news – but we almost never hear it – why is that, you ask? I have some theories about that which I will discuss later on, but first off I want to shore up some of our misguided beliefs and understandings about the virus:

First and foremost, it is NOT as dealt as purported to be on the news – contracting the virus is hardly an automatic death sentence. As a matter of fact, according to statistics realeased by the CDC, the survival rate for people contracting the virus is well over 99% in any age group under 70 years. And even those above 70 typically succumb to other causes (known as co-morbities in this age of viral tracking), but are almost ALWAYS reported solely as “COVID deaths”

Secondly, the recommended response to dealing with the epidemic has been a shifting morass of conflicting information and guidance since the outset. Mask wearing, social distancing, and public lockdowns have all been subjects of serious debate and even diametrically conflicted guidance from experts since the beginning. Recent studies from the CDC now show that over 80% of people who’ve become infected with COVID regularly followed ALL the CDC guidelines, INCLUDING the judicious and proper use and wear of masks, while a large number of people who do NOT follow the same guidelines remain unaffected by the virus. – Huh? WHAT is going on here? Well, aside from the fact that virus which, incidentally is known as a NOVEL coronavirus (meaning all those ‘leading expert” doctors and other wonks who are advising us on a daily basis really don’t have a clue what they are talking about!), we also seem to have a surfeit of false and misleading information out there because since it’s inception, the whole sordid affair has been-opted and transformed from the public health crisis it truly is into something of a political vehicle, designed to make a certain party look bad, while championing the other. Anyone reading this who has read EVEN ONE of my previous missives know exactly who the parties are in play here and why, so I won’t belabor that point here. I WILL however, take a moment to point out some rather glaring examples of the political theater that now surrounds this topic, starting with the glaringly obvious efforts by the MEDIA (and we all know by now who THOSE guys are working for) to control and amplify the severity of while quashing any mitigating actors or information regarding COVID.

Anyone who has ever had a post regarding COVID “Fact-Checked” out of existence (a practice I am now referring to as Fact-Wrecking and will from this point onward) knows exactly what I mean. In many instances doctors, epidemiologists and the like have had interviews that discount the current COVID narrative (loosely described as “we’re all gonna die and it’s the President’s fault) removed, blocked and /or banned from public dissemination. Likewise private citizens are enjoined from distributing or posting such information (I have had SEVERAL post of this type taken down from my FaceBook account under the guise of “public safety”) And so, I write about the truth here, where at least for the nonce, the censors do not have Sway or say!

We’re ALL familiar with this lite gem, right?

SO, here are some statistics and informational tidbits for you that you WILL NOT see on the MSM and also I HAVE NOT BEEN allowed to share with you on other platforms. You can make what you will of the information and of course take any actions you deem wise and prudent for you and your families personal safety and well being – it’s a free country after all and I’m not advocating for civil disobedience; neither am I standing for or against mask-wearing, I just want to offer the information and let you make up your own minds because it’s a free country, after all (except really , it isn’t)

Here’s a little something I bet you didn’t know:

Hospitals are financially incentivized to report deaths as COVID-caused or related, leading to an inflation of the reported death rates we see each day.

It is true, however, that the government will pay more to hospitals for COVID-19 cases in two senses: By paying an additional 20% on top of traditional Medicare rates for COVID-19 patients during the public health emergency, and by reimbursing hospitals for treating the uninsured patients with the disease (at that enhanced Medicare rate).

Both of those provisions stem from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, or CARES Act.

The CARES Act created the 20% add-on to be paid for Medicare patients with COVID-19. The act further created a $100 billion fund that is being used to financially assist hospitals — a “portion” of which will be “used to reimburse healthcare providers, at Medicare rates, for COVID-related treatment of the uninsured,” according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Intersting, huh? ALSO something you don’t hear one the news! Just never-ending, increasingly grim reports about the “Growing death toll and rampant spread of the virus” Her’s another graphic the hey won’t show you – or that I won’t be allowed to share on my social media account:

In fairness, this chart, derived from the CDC, has since been shown to have been “misinterpreted” but, the reality is clear: less than a 99% fatality rate among ALL age groups under 70 AND this:

ALSO from the CDC, showing the the common flu is, in fact, more deadly than coronavirus among young people – so WHY are we keeping all the schools closed?

The WHO recently reported that lockdowns are actually WORSE for society and a larger public health hazard than the virus and risk of transmission it poses. (perhaps they should consider changing their name to WHERE instead of WHO as in, WHERE the HELL have you been with this information for the LAST EIGHT MONTHS??? – just sayin’.

OR the fact that the current infection rate in the US is 21% -Which is LOWER than ANY of the countries overseas that have been mired in draconian, ongoing strict lockdowns for the entire period – NO ONE is talking about THAT little tidbit, either.

So, there you have it, folks: We are being played by a bunch of Washington puppeteers who realize that the more miserable a populace is at election time, the more likely they are to turn on their keepers.

I’ll leave you with some thoughts in the form of memes for you to chew on, but be sure to keep your mask on in between bites, OK?

WHERE did this thing come from?
Now, THERE’s some good news, eh?
Do we know WHO is “shaking the jar”?
‘Nuff said?

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