So, recently a good friend of mine earned a three -day jail sentence from FB for posting a meme that simply spoke truth about draconian  and unnecessary lockdown policies currently in place in CA – a state run by a governor who was elected solely under the power of his Aunt’s position as Speaker of The House.  She subsequently appealed their decision – based allegedly on “Violation of Community Standards” and won her case – she is now reinstated, but the incident brings to light a situation that is both prevalent across the nation and should be deeply concerning to us as a purported free nation.  There is s a reason that the FIRST amendment the Founding Fathers thought was necessary to add to the Constitution was focused on our right to free speech – this is a cornerstone of our society and at the end of the day, is what makes this nation for all of its faults and foibles, the greatest in the world – and a free one, indeed.

Sadly, this right is currently under fire from the Radical Left, who cannot abide dissidence or tolerate any departure from their theme and agenda.  More concerning is the fact that the American public, lulled into apathy by a non-stop stream of “woke consciousness and enlightenment” seem to agree and acquiesce to this wholesale revocation of our inalienable rights.

We should be concerned – even outraged at the idea that the MSM, Social media and all their liberal counterparts have now appointed themselves sole arbiters of what is and isn’t appropriate matter for open discussion in today’s society.  To date, I have had no less than 15 different items and stories I’ve posted either banned completely or “Fact-Wrecked” (a term I have explained in previous BLOGS) into oblivion by FB and I’ve been threatened on more than one occasion with having my account blocked or disabled.  In all of these instances – there is no justification whatsoever offered for the action or threatened consequence other than the somewhat vague explanation that “independent fact-checkers have found this information to be false or partly false” Which accurately translates into: “we don’t agree with what you are saying here, therefore we refuse to allow you to say it.”

This is intolerance of the First Division and rises to the level of Fascism, remaining unchecked by a society too afraid to question the practice for fear of being labeled Racist, or Right-wing or any of the other buzz-words currently in use to keep the opposition in check.

I sincerely wish I could show you examples of this Gestapo-style censorship here, but they conveniently cover their tracks by deleting the “offensive content” immediately after banning it. But, I can list here a slew of posts that I put up and were either summarily taken down or labeled with the killer ” partly false information” moniker – all true posts taken from actual factual sources that just didn’t agree with the obviously political agenda of FB and their Leftist buddies!  

What follows is a brief sampling of the things they found went “Against Community Standards”:

Labeled “False” ~ C’mon, man, it’s on his
ALSO labeled “False” – but no explanation as to why!
Labeled “Partly False” – why? – Because it’s true?

All this and not a word uttered about the scandal that is rocking the Biden campaign and nation – in fact, FB went out of their way to block and “limit distribution” of posts regarding this story after it broke – blatantly and openly controlling what Americans are allowed to see and discuss!

America – we are being controlled by these people – we should be VERY concerned and frightened!!!!!

I’m surprised I got away with posting THIS one (although, not really, since at first glance, it looks bad for Trump, so it probably passed the “Fact-Wreckers” (who, incidentally are employed by FB and are based in China!!!! (can’t produce evidence to support that – it also has been covered up)

Concerned yet, America? You’d better be – our freedom, country and our very way of life is on the line here!!

Election is just around the corner – time to fight for your country and freedom!!!!

For my friend, Teri

The post that got her booted…….

Closing Memes for further thought:

Good thing they
weren’t around, then, huh?!?!?!!
Coming soon to a media platform near you!

And, finally………Summing it all up!

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