It Never Rains in Southern California (but, sometimes, it ought to)

This is as difficult a writing as I have ever entered here. Not since I was forced to write about the loss of my beloved Baby C some years back (see my previous BLOG “It Was A Very Good Year” for more) have I penned anything here with so heavy a heart as today…

It’s raining, (fittingly) here in Southern California today – despite what the famous Albert Hammond song tells us – it DOES rain here, sometimes – and today of all days, it seems fitting, since the weather accurately reflects the mood of broken-hearted Americans across the nation who just witnessed the fate of their beloved country and indeed their very hopes and dreams dashed on a reef of political ambition and overreach the likes of which have never been witnessed in our (once great) nation.  

What happened?  Well, briefly put, four years ago America, sick of decades of status quo and political manipulation at the hands of career politicians who never have the good of anything but their own political desire at heart, elected an outsider to run the country, in hopes of a change and deliverance from the status quo in Washington.  America got what they wanted – a maverick who immediately set about the business of delivering on his promises and rocking every staid institution back on their heels, immediately alienating himself from said institutions in the process (see my previous BLOG, “Land of the (once) Free” for further details on that subject.)  

What then ensued was a four-year war against this bold newcomer designed to somehow invalidate, render ineffective and ultimately remove the insidious interloper. It proved unsuccessful; attempt after attempt failed and the resulting prosperity for the country proved an insurmountable hurdle when it came time for re-election.

SO, panicked and confronted with the possibility of four more years of this reign of terror, the powers that be took the course of action they ALWAYS take when confronted with the reality that the American public is not interested in their particular brand of Snake Oil – they cheated!

Arm in arm with their willing accomplices in the MSM, Big Tech and Billionaire Businesses, (again, discussed further  in previous BLOGS, such as “New Kid on The Block”), they rigged the Debates, stacked the country with partisan Election Board control members, then as a final hedge, flooded the nation with millions of unsolicited “mail-in ballots” providing a perfect scenario for them to work their Dark Magic (under the cover of darkness, with taped over windows while keeping the mandated count verifiers at bay), Then, on the morning of November 7th (not Election DAY, but rather the end of what they had successfully turned into Election Week) they joyfully announced they had succeeded in their goal:

The ultimate and complete hijacking of the American Election Process.  The result: The “Dark Winter promised by their inept and obviously senile candidate who will merely be a shill and puppet to further their radical, Leftist agenda:

At this juncture, I am including the body of a writing from a good friend, Charlie Wiggins (with his permission, of course) who graces and enlightens us weekly with insights much like those I offer here with his weekly “Tequila Rants”

Thank you, Charlie for saving me MUCH typing today here then, is a telling examination of the chicanery utilized to thrust this injustice upon us.  What it lacks in brevity is more than made up for in clarity and detail! (I’ve made a few VERY minor corrections to preserve my editorial integrity, Sorry, Charlie, but the text is intact, as you wrote it)

“This is a long one but well worth the read. 

So, here’s what’s been happening with all the voter fraud in the blue states as I saw explained by A few legal scholars. After doing some research I believe it to be true and is something we should all be concerned about whether you hate Trump or not It’s a threat to our voting process and our Democratic Republic. So here it is. 

In some states when you eliminate the need for signatures or the requirement of checking signatures it raises very serious questions. 

During The lead up to the election the Democrats and their surrogates went into courts, legislatures and boards of elections in the democratic run states and districts to take away the guard rails which are the voting safety and security measures that keep it as safe and secure as possible. So, when people ask for evidence of fraud the reality is that it’s built into the system. Take Pennsylvania as an example. The court in PA ruled that if a ballot comes in even after Election Day the ballots will count for 3 days. The ballots don’t require postal marks or signatures so when people ask where’s the evidence of fraud what they’ve done is institutionalized the possibility of potential significant fraud and legalized it. So, they’re missing the entire point. You can’t catch people cheating because they’ve taken away the guard rails and security of the process and made it legal. It’s actually a brilliant voter fraud scheme by the progressive Democrats. That along with them wanting to pack the Supreme Court, end the filibuster, add states for more Democratic senate seats etc. guarantees them one party rule for possibly decades to come. It’s their goal. 

The problem is that the Democrats will continue to do this election cycle after election cycle because it worked so well. State legislatures etc. need to make it where you can’t create the situation where the safeguards are eliminated and people are saying where’s the evidence of fraud. In actuality it’s up to the Supreme Court to fix this. Trumps litigation is more intended fix this so it doesn’t happen again going forward. 

I think all of us on both sides can agree on this. What’s to stop republican controlled states from doing the same thing? Don’t we want our elections to be as fair as we can make them. It’s wrong no matter which side does it. I care more about the survival of our Constitution, Bill of Rights and the Republic than Trump winning or losing. This would have happened to any Republican running for president. Americans on both sides that care about the same need to wake up and understand what we are up against. The progressives are powerful sly chameleons and extremely well-funded (just look at the money spent by them in the races) and want the end of our country as founded forever. That’s not me talking. It’s in many of their own words and actions. That’s all. Time for more tequila.”

So, there you have it, America – despite the fact that we are supposed to be a free nation, founded on and governed by the will of the people – we aren’t – we have fallen victim to a massive, overarching conspiracy to rob us of our free will and autonomy and sadly, the Leftists who want to see this nation and its founding principles eradicated, fueled by endless capital from big business and a misplaced sense of “woke propriety” in our sadly misguided current society, have succeeded in accomplishing the heist. Leaving true patriots with little recourse but,

Sadly, it may come to this, if we allow the travesty to go unchecked..

Many years ago, the Temptations recorded a classic Motown hit entitled “I wish it would Rain”. The song speaks of a man who, while suffering a broken heart wished for rain to help hide the tears flowing from his eyes, since “A man ain’t supposed to cry”

Today, this patriot, along with most of America is wishing for the same cover…..

sorry – can’t write any longer – hard to see the screen – it’s gotten strangely blurry……..

So sad for our country today……

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