The Untied States of America

No, that’s not a typo! we are no longer “united”, but rather, untied by an enormous deception and hoax that is being proffered and perpetuated cross this once sold nation by those who would see us divided, fallen and, thus fallow ground for the radical new agenda they seek to implement, and the subtle shifting to the left of a single letter intent word the clearly and accurately illustrates what is going on and who is responsible!


He’s the ONLY one shooting straight in Washington – 

it’s why the entire Establishment and Swamp are aligned and allied against him – and they are winning because we LET them!!’ (please see ANY of my previous eight BLOG entries for plenty of information on that subject!

Don’t believe their lies – no one man has done more good for us and our country since JFK- get over his brusque manner and braggadocio style- he’s the guy that gets the job DONE!!

Whether you like him or not, it’s true. HE is why we have a record high economy, (despite pandemic shutdowns) record low unemployment figures for ALL ethnic and cultural groups, and why we are not currently involved in a war and actively bringing troops home every day!! 

Add to that the fact that he has made sure we receive a viable vaccine for the virus in record time – less than a year!!! something all the “experts” said was impossible

He saw the need and GOT IT DONE!!

SO true!!!!

I think I can overlook his surly mannerisms and egocentric tendencies when I recognize him for what he is:

A true leader with a no-nonsense, get it done approach that offends many, but always gets positive results!!

Haters will no doubt want to pile on here with your criticisms and unfounded mistrust- but before doing so, I will simply say this;

If you hate him so much and don’t accept the validity of his accomplishments, and wish he was not in charge, then you should probably:

~Return the additional 6000.00 in annual income you have enjoyed since he took office (average income across the country)

~ refund the 40% decrease in taxes to the IRS that you have benefitted from since he took office.

~ find a way to start some new wars in the Middle East – can’t have all that peace he brokered and produced!

~ close down most of the factories and businesses he allowed to get back into production

~ write a check out of all your savings and extra income and send it to China to make up for the money he prevented them stealing from us!

~ next time you get gas, write a check for an additional 30% over the total and mail it to Iran – he stopped them from robbing us blind, too!

There! THAT should just about get everything back the way it was before this “Horrible Orange Man” took over 

NOW you can criticize to your heart’s content!! 

Anyway, don’t worry, you wisely voted him out of office, and put a STOP to all that nonsense: 

So, very soon, everything will be just like it was!! Yay! 

Ding – dong the patriot is dead!!

(let’s dance in the streets, everybody – life in America can go back to sucking again!

BUT be sure to social distance and wear your masks while jubilating)!!

Oh, and BTW, BEFORE you go dancing in the street (properly socially distanced and masked, of course), 

you might want to consider the following facts that are currently under investigation: 

In Michigan alone, there are currently over 234 sworn affidavits alleging fraud and IMPROPRIETY IN THE ELECTION PROCESS to include such shenanigans as:

~Multiple ballots being RESCANNED, some as many as 50 times!!

~60% of ballots had the same signatures

~35 ballots with no voter records

~deceased voters (multiple, verified instances)

There were thousands of these – and still finding them

~poll watchers threatened, harassed and pushed back from observation posts

~poll workers handing out anti Republican fliers (ABSOLUTELY illegal, if not immoral)

AND, over in Pennsylvania:

~ Over 500 affidavits alleging wrongdoing, vote-changing (!!!!!) and back-dating of ballots that were postmarked past the submission deadline 

~ legally – mandated partisan observers denied access while votes and “late dropped off ballots” were counted”

All this taking place AFTER the counting process was inexplicably halted on Tuesday night – when the President held a sizeable lead in the state. Then everything resumed on Wednesday morning – behind boarded up windows and without Federally – mandated partisan count observers who were denied entry!! WHAT in the world were they up to?

Even after a Supreme Court Justice issued an order to allow the observers in, they were still held at bay, being kept as far as 100 feet from the “counting process”

                                               Also, some items of interest: 

The voting machines used in over 38 states, supplied by Dominion were evaluated and REJECTED by Election authorities no less than three times dating back to 2013 for “Significant security and reliability issues” but were somehow adopted just in time for this election

You know, the election that Killary told Joe to “not concede no matter what happens because in time, the count will show you are the victor”?  Hmmmm.

BTW, the reasons the State Election Boards and Attorney generals rejected the equipment?  Well, just a couple of minor concerns such as:

Security issue such as the ability for the machines to be accessed from thumb drives, cell phones, even outside internet connections (!!!!!!) allowing for reprinting and addition of fraudulent ballots and changing of existing recorded vote tallies with a simple software patch (that could easily be introduced by any of the aforementioned methods) 

Hmmm again – seems like fertile ground for anyone planning a little election chicanery or other shenanigans, huh?  Nonetheless, the now Wholly-Democrat-controlled election commissions saw to it that this flawed system was put in place for the 2020 election (the one that Joe was guaranteed to win) and, lo and behold, come Wednesday morning, ALL the counties and districts that the President held commanding leads in on Election night when counting was mysteriously halted in the battleground states had evaporated and magically turned into Biden victories!!  

Seem unlikely?  Odd?  Bullshit, even? Well, this is what supposedly transpired – even in areas that have been historically Red (Republican) voting locales AND the fact that this strange phenomenon ONLY took place in all the areas that stopped counting on Election night – ALL the ones that continued their counting held on to the President’s obvious lead.  Hmmmm, again!!

Haven’t about this? I’m not surprised!

Also, there’s ‘the fact that the “Blue Wave”- widely predicted and extolled by the Media and all their willing sycophants in the poll industry, etc, never came to pass-Democrats, in fact losing seats in Congress and the Senate – which is diametrically opposed tp typical patterns in elections where voters turn out a sitting President!

And, don’t forget the Democrat’s wildly conceived and HUGELY pushed “mail-in ballot” effort – foisted on again an unwilling, public under the guise of “public Health concerns”

MILLIONS of these were sent out nationwide -unsolicited – and were still pouring in and being “counted” a week after the election was over!
And they all got there JUST IN TIME!!
BANNED from FB for being the truth!
ALSO banned by FB – for the same reason!
The count in MI at 4 pm on the 4th – HOW did he winTHAT state?

Not surprisingly, NONE of this is being reported, or even intimated in the MSM, BTW, – who all just keep repeating the Democrat Mantra that we should all just “Accept the election results and move forward” 

They and their co-opted sycophants in the media are telling us it “isn’t good for the country” and the President is hurting America by holding up the outcome”

Wait a minute – didn’t THEY “hold up the outcome” in 2016 by well over two months, investigating election fraud that didn’t exist? Short memory, huh? I mean, there’s a MOUNTAIN of evidence currently out there suggesting there is something SERIOUSLY wrong with the outcome of this election – and I don’t just mean because “my guy didn’t win” – just look at a

ll the goings-on. discrepancies and atypical occurrences and it’s apparent what has taken place is in fact NOT on the level! You have to see it for yourself – no matter what side you are on or how you voted!! It’s glaringly obvious – perfectly, if a little crudely stated in this meme I found.

pretty clear what’s going on, no?

In the face of all the evidence pointing to chicanery, impropriety if not out and out election fraud, it only makes sense to take a week or so and make sure we got it right, no?

I mean, what’s the hurry?  I have to wonder what they are afraid the investigations will reveal.  

This rush to “get on with it” seems to be driven and informed largely by the fact that their candidate (appears to have) won and has little or nothing to do with the good of America or any interest in the integrity of the Election process.  It’s laughably obvious and transparent to even the most biased of observers, yet routinely and summarily swept under the rug and ignored by all who have a say in preventing such goings-on.

Sad, but, SO true!!

America – we are being well and truly had!   Swindled by a party that cannot win a fair election or garner any widespread support for their radical, ultimately Anti-American agendas and so have been engaged for the last decade in an ongoing campaign to hornswoggle, swindle, lie and cheat their way into power and forcing their radical agenda and policies on an unwilling public – this, folks is not the American Way and if, like myself, you have become a fan of the new Disney hit show “The Mandalorian”, you know what I mean when I say:

                                          “This is NOT the Way”!

PLEASE don’t sit back and let this happen, America!!!

It’s not even funny anymore, is it?

This is NOT the (American) WAY!!!!

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