Where’s the REAL Hazardous Duty?

Dedicated to all the friends I’ve never met on the “Tits Up Crew”

Ever have a job that you love screwed up buy a new, overly-ambitious boss?  To be sure, this is a common occurrence in the workplace; you’ve had a job that you (OK, perhaps love is a bridge too far, it IS work, after all) er, like and are just getting really comfortable with when BAM! Fresh on the scene pops a new, pinheaded 
(probably pimple-faced) self-absorbed moron of a boss/manager flush with themselves, their newly-minted college certifications and a whole spate of fresh new ideas to turn your workplace on its head with and of course, set the world on fire. (With the additional benefit of drawing attention to the fact that they are “the Boss” and, hopefully display what a motivated and innovating individual they are to their superiors).

Of course, most of us who labor in the trenches are painfully aware that this incendiary bent typically only succeeds in combusting things like the established and efficient order of things, worker morale and comfort levels and overall operational effectiveness in general. Day after day we are subject (and victim) of the mindless decisions made by those of the ilk I just described and it seems our lot to simply accept and obey the insanity and associated inconvenience/dismay caused by same.

Sadly, it’s just this way with our current government today, also.  One needs only watch about 30 minutes of national news (assuming your sensibilities can stomach it) to realize that insanity currently hold sway over the land.  The insanity has become malignant, spreading in to the very roots of our local government. 

To wit; local decisions such as this make absolutely ZERO sense, yet are foisted upon us with impunity:

In this previous discourse, several lame and unjustified opinions/reasons are offered as to why the city of Tustin has decided to fly in the face of the norm and deny it’s grocery workers the benefit of “hero pay” (a scant, $4.00 an hour increase) despite the fact that since the onset of the Pandemic, grocery profits have absolutely skyrocketed the California Grocers Association (CGA) warns (whines) that “the measure would likely increase an average families grocery bill by hundreds of dollars a month”  Really?  Let’s break that statement down:  Translation:  (even though we are raking in millions of increased profits and cash flow since the onset of the Pandemic, while paying our workers little more than absolute minimum wage, we would be forced to pass on the additional ‘burden’ of a lousy , TEMPORARY, 4 buck increase the consumer, lest the increase cut into our obscenely huge profits and, ultimately, God forbid, our executive bonuses!!).  

So, the trench workers, who drag themselves in to work, stocking shelves, moving product and staffing stores, (all while wearing MASKS), are not to be considered “essential workers” even though they are the ones ensuring the capacious flow of money continues uninterrupted to the execs, to say nothing of ensuring that the citizenry are able to continue a semblance of normal life in the midst of this pandemic?

THESE people are absolutely essential workers, regardless of what pampered, spoiled and grotesquely overpaid store executives and Union fatcats (see UFCW Local 324), who face absolutely ZERO risk of exposure as they rake in the proceeds born of the fruit of their workers’ labors.    There is a word for this sort of thinking and in the interest of keeping this missive palatable for all I will tamp it down to the following:


WE either have a pandemic or we don’t – pay us to brave the hazard, or drop the requirement for the masks – there’s either a risk or there isn’t – time to do what in the military we often referred to as:

“Shit or get OFF the pot”!!!!

TRANSLATION: No one believes your self-serving bullshit any longer!

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