Any Questions?

No, PLEASE, will SOMEBODY ask some?

Alright, so it’s finally happened: The Biggest liar in the country today (second only to the Liar-In-Chief), has finally been outed for the shyster he is:

Yes, the Dem-O-Crats Chief Liar and Propaganda Spreader, “Doctor” Anthony Fony, has finally been caught with his pants down, so to speak. We ALL knew all along that this fake medical expert was nothing more than a water-bearer for the CCP (whose illegal research his agency has been funding for YEARS), and nothing more than a glorified mouthpiece for the DNC, but we just didn’t have the proof! In fact, so insulated and protected was he by his Democrat Cronies on The Hill, that he sat before a Congressional Inquiry, coolly and unapologetically repeating all the lies, misinformation and scare tactic propaganda he had been fed by his puppet masters. now it seems, the lid is off and he has been exposed for the charlatan he is, however, inexplicably, the public still ascribes near – saintly status and veritas to his words, aided greatly by the surfeit of dis/misinformation fairly vomited forth on the public by an evil triumvirate of Democratic “leaders”, MSM conspirators and a host of all-too-willing (and, uninformed) conscripts in the medical field.

To this end, it strikes me as no surprise, that even in the face of this incontrovertible evidence: (see the following link, please) 

(sorry for the  frequent FakeBook references, but I’m not allowed to discuss ANY of this heresy on  THAT platform, which is why you find me here)

There have been absolute CRICKETS in the MSM regarding this story (NOT a story, of course, since it flows against the MSM/DNC narrative, I realize)

In fact, yesterday when interviewed none of their flagship Propaganda outlets, not a SINGLE mention was made of this development – instead they simply nodded in typical adoring reverence and allowed Dr. Doom to hold forth with dire predictions about the new “Delta Variant” , including all the predictable and inevitable outcomes: TRANSLATION: further restrictions, continued lockdowns, mandates, etc. – in short; ongoing, uninterrupted tyrannical rule for the powers that be (his bosses and puppet masters).

It should be apparent even to the most casual observer of politics, power and influence in today’s society that we are being wholly manipulated, controlled and herded like a flock of sheep and there is simply NO END to this endless cycle of “developments”, new “variants” and, of course all the accompanying mandates and restrictions that such events dictate – al in the interest of “public safety”, of course…. My question is simply:

How Long will we STAND FOR IT?

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